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Hostgator is really a large privately operated webhost operating from multiple advanced facilities in Dallas, Texas. Hostgator began in 2002, since then they have grown rapidly and currently host over 400,000 websites. They're also widely considered to be the worlds leading provider of web host reseller accounts. At the moment they provide hosting to in excess of 10,000 individual reseller account customers.

Hostgator offers many different web hosting packages, and focus on a broad range of customers. In the very first time webmaster who needs simple, stress free hosting for their personal site; all the way through to large corporations, who are required specialist dedicated hosting services.

Hostgator's hosting packages could be split up into three groups; standard shared web hosting plans (ideal for the vast majority people), reseller hosting plans (these are mainly for individuals and businesses that wish to "resell" their account resources to customers of their own), and lastly dedicated server plans (these accounts give customer their own server, so they do not have to share its resources with others). Not many people will every require a dedicated server which means this review will concentrate on the shared web hosting plans that Hostgator offer.


Hostgator's three main shared hosting plans are named: "Hatchling" (the basic level plan costing $6.95/month), "Baby" (this is the most widely used plan, and it is likely to satisfy the requirements of a very number of clients), and "Swamp" (much the same as the "Baby" plan, but with increases in bandwidth and disk space, priced at $14.95/month).

For any full listing of features along with a alongside comparison of hosting plans you need to visit Hostgator's website here. Below is a overview of the most crucial features of the "Baby" plan, this might be the most suitable package for most users, and it is our favorite plan.

Disk space 100GB - This amount continues to be recently upgraded by Hostgator from 5GB to an enormous 100GB. All users will probably think it is impossible to exhaust this volume of disk space.

Bandwidth 1000GB/month - Also increased is the bandwidth allocation, from 75GB to some seemingly excessive 1000GB. Again pretty much zero chance of utilizing all that, but it's nice to understand that you definitely will not be facing extra charges for groing through your limit, even though you possess a busy website(s).

Site Studio website builder - This can be a great free program that allows you to build your website on your own. You have over 500 templates and color schemes to choose from. You'll need no HTML experience, or code writing knowledge. It offers the easiest possible way of designing a professional looking website in a very short space of time. However, you don't have to take my word for this, as Hostgator gives us a demo form of the software online!

Unlimited add-on domains - This can be the stand out feature of the hosting plan (the "Hatchling" plan only allows 1 domain), and enables you to host as many websites as you like on one account, free of charge. All your websites then share your bank account resources. This lets you make full use of your massive bandwidth and disk space allowances, and host multiple websites in a fraction from the normal cost. Fantastic!

99.9% Uptime guarantee - This basically informs us that Hostgator is really a serious host offering a reliable service. If uptime drops below this figure in a month then you don't pay for that months hosting, it's as easy as that! We would never get a host that didn't provide a solid uptime guarantee; this is purely because there is only one good reason why a host won't offer an uptime guarantee - unreliable uptime!

One month money back guarantee - This has become a pretty standard feature within the website hosting community, climax nice to possess for additional reassurance.

Instant setup - Most hosting providers take 24-48 hours to create your account but Hostgator offers to perhaps you have up and running within 15 minutes (they don't charge a setup fee either)!

Unlimited MySQL databases - This is useful because each Fantastico (see below) script requires its very own MySQL database.

Fantastico DeLuxe - This impressive program enables you to instantly install over 50 scripts via your user interface. Scripts include blogs, forums, galleries, shopping carts, and much more.

Unlimited e-mail accounts - Lets you have as numerous, or as few, different e-mail addresses as you like.

cPanel user interface - At the heart of any website hosting experience may be the user interface, thankfully Hostgator uses one of the best units around, a cPanel. It's well organized and easy to operate. It has many features and offers good performance. On top of that, there's a full working demo on the Hostgator website, so you can check it out yourself!

Customer support and tech support team

Hostgator gives us 24/7 phone support, and live online chat. The fact that you can be found two choices to receive instant tech support team at any time during the day is excellent. Our experience happens to be excellent when contacting Hostgator, their operatives are extremely polite and more importantly they appear to know their stuff when confronted with technical issues. However, we always recommend contacting them yourself before you sign up. Question them a question and see if you're impressed by their response. This always lets you know a great deal about a company!

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The performance from Hostgator's servers is great! Hostgator place much tighter limits on the number of websites sharing exactly the same server when compared with other shared web hosting providers. This gives greater reliability because less strain is placed around the servers; and in addition it greatly improves the speed at which your internet pages run.

Server performance is another among the key areas where Hostgator distinguish themselves in the crowd of other web hosting companies.

Our verdict

Overall there is so much to like about the way Hostgator does business, they do appear to have a great grasp on which the average customer requires from the web hosting provider. Rarely would you come across reports of unsatisfied Hostgator clients, after hosting with them ourselves now that we know why! Reliability, performance, and uptime from the servers is first rate, also customer support is much in front of most other web hosting companies out there. However, the area where Hostgator really excels is affordability. Just $9.95/month for that "Baby" plan (which includes unlimited domains); anyone looking to host several website includes a pretty easy decision to make. Another great thing about this package is that you don't have to join an agreement. You pay on a month-by-month basis, which leaves you free to cancel your account anytime without taking a loss. So to sum up, we do not really have any bad things about Hostgator; in the prices they charge, we truly feel they present an exceptional service. Continue the good work Hostgator!

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